This is a list of episodes from the A Little Snow Fairy Sugar anime.

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Original air date
Saga Meets Sugar It is another normal day in Saga's life, until she meets a tiny figure and feeds it a waffle. Complicating the budding relationship is that this little thing introduces itself as Sugar, a snow fairy — and Saga does not believe in fairies. 1 2 October 2001
An Itsy-Bitsy Roommate Sugar, determined to learn more about the human world, accompanies Saga to her school. But her naivety about human life and Saga's open scolding bring Saga a lot of trouble. To add to the confusion, two more fairies appear: Salt; a sun fairy and Pepper; a wind fairy. 2 9 October 2001
Twinkle-Twinkle, Comfy-Warm, Puffy-Fluffy  During market day, Sugar, Salt and Pepper set off to find themselves a "twinkle" - but neither of them have any concrete idea about what a "twinkle" really is! Sugar thinks that it should be twinkling, Salt thinks that it should be "comfy-warm", but Pepper thinks that it should be "puffy-fluffy". A crow eager for shiny trinkets becomes an additional hazard in their quest. 3 16 October 2001
Where Are the "Twinkles"? Following a hint from Pepper's dove friends, the three little fairies turn Saga's school upside-down in their search for the "twinkle". 4 23 October 2001
The Elder Arrives!!  The Elder arrives in the human world, ostensibly to watch the apprentice fairies progress, but in reality he has a much more "serious" goal in mind: winning beautiful rain fairy Ginger's heart! However, his own shyness and the pestering of the little fairies about telling him what a "twinkle" really is don't make the job easier for him OR Ginger. 5 30 October 2001
I Couldn't Say Sorry Sugar bungles again, and in a tensed-up effort to do better. She only succeeds in annoying Saga, and the two have a serious row. However, an attempt by Sugar to amend the situation results in her unintentionally defacing one of Saga's most cherished mementos of her late mother. 6

November 2001

Heart Joining Melody Sugar and Saga have broken up. While they do miss each other, stubbornness on both sides prevents them from approaching each other and making up. Sugar takes up with two irresponsible fairy apprentices, Cinnamon; an ice fairy, and Basil; a lightning fairy — but is the wild, carefree life really something for her? 7 13

November 2001

The Shape of Dreams Phil, the never-tired inventor, tries his hands at an ambitious project: to artificially create an aurora. This project of course meets disbelief and criticism from both his fellow students and fairies alike. Salt, his most vocal critic at first, funnily ends up assisting Phil in his efforts. 8 20

November 2001

The Bear Pianist The Hammond Theater group comes to Mühlenburg with the story of the Bear Pianist, a heart-touching play. At the same time, a young actor of the troupe named Vincent greatly troubles Saga with a careless remark. 9 27

November 2001

A Backstage Happening Sugar, Salt and Pepper go on an adventure backstage to find out what a play really is, but almost end up making it a disaster. 10 4 December 2001
My Favorite Piano Unnerved by Vincent's behavior, Saga and Sugar don't know what to make of him: While Saga finds his way of playing the piano a disgrace to all 'decent' musicians, Sugar and her friends try to find out whether he can really see them...or can he? 11 11 December 2001
Goodbye, Mr. Bear Just before their last performance, Vincent sprains his hand and is unable to play the piano, which is a vital part of the Bear Pianist's story. Much to everyone's surprise, Vincent recommends Saga to fill in for him at the piano seat. As Saga fights with her stage fright, it is Sugar who provides her with much-needed moral support; and as they return home, a tremendous surprise awaits them... 12 18 December 2001
A "Twinkle" Found?! Sugar's magical flower has sprouted a bud; but that is strange, since they have not found a "twinkle" - or have they? A small trip to the countryside is meant to help in the finding of the "twinkle", but instead a few other experiences are gained. 13 8 January 2002
Pepper and the Dream of Mr. Turtle In the veterinary clinic where she lives, Pepper meets the turtle Lancelot, whose greatest dream is to learn how to fly. By nature's decree turtles are not meant to fly, but still Pepper tries her best to make the impossible come true. 14 15 January 2002
The Tiny Guest Grandmother Regina invites a very young girl named Kanon in her house for a few days. Soon, the lively child taxes Saga and Sugar to no end. 15 22 January 2002
The Faraway Town's First Snow The season fairies are departing for a field trip in order to gain more practical experience. In a town where the first snow is late, Sugar gains the chance to live up to her mother's image. 16 29 January 2002
While Waiting For Sugar Saga is waiting for Sugar's return, but when she learns that the season fairies have to cross an area hit by a typhoon, she becomes sick with worry about her little friend. 17 5 February 2002
Festival! Waffo! The Mühlenburgers celebrate a traditional festival, and Saga and Sugar live through a marvelous day. 18 12 February 2002
One Memory For Two Sugar's Magic Flower is about to bloom! After the Mühlenburg festival, Saga and Sugar help clean up the town, but the task soon becomes a memory tour. 19 19 February 2002
The Vanished Promise Saga and Sugar are just about to go play Saga's mom's song on her mother's piano when she discovers that her piano was sold. Who knew it would end up in such an unexpected place... 20 26 February 2002
The Lonely Two After the discovery of the whereabouts of her mother's piano, Saga feverishly decides to work overtime to buy back the piano, making everyone worry about her. 21 5 March 2002
I'm Sorry, Sugar While Sugar struggles with Saga and the piano, Salt and Pepper finally find their "Twinkles". Sugar congratulates them with a big smile...but is she really happy? 22 12 March 2002
Tiny Miracle at Muhlenburg Greta and the others decide to deliver back Saga's piano, but their plan goes haywire when Luchino accidentally pushes it down a hill. 23 19 March 2002
I'm Right Over Here The last episode of the series leads to a heart-wrenching farewell: Sugar and Saga must part with each other as Sugar finally understands what a "twinkle" is about and succeeds in making her magic flower bloom. 24 26 March 2002
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Summer Special (OVA) This installment to the Little Snow Fairy Sugar saga takes place when Sugar was still an apprentice Snow Fairy, and centers around Saga's highly coveted role of princess in a school play. Sugar, Pepper, and Salt couldn't be more excited, though Saga herself becomes less enthusiastic after discovering an ailment she never realized she had -- stage fright. While Saga frets over whether or not she'll be able to perform, the fairies decide to create a play of their own. 25 and 26 2003
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